This is the cover page for the prologe chapter of the comic
	"Let's Move Forward."
	The chapter name is "The Last Day of Normal."
	Ashlyn Adami: Author and Coloring Assistant.
	AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill: Artist, Editor.

	The page depicts a happy family photo showing a mother with her 
	two children. The frame has a plaque that reads "The Fairstones."
	On the left of the photo is a pre-teen boy. In the middle is a 
	seated woman. To the right of her is a teen girl. All three share
	similarly colored pale skin, green eyes, and red hair, and all of
	them are dressed in somewhat formal clothing.
	Beneath the picture frame sits a newspaper, entitled "Forward Press."
	On the right hand side of the paper, the same woman from the photo
	is shown holding an award shaped like a strand of DNA. Unlike the
	picture in the frame, the woman is seen wearing a lab coat.

The prologue to Let's Move Forward introduces a 20 year old woman named Kelsie Fairstone. She's aspiring to be a researcher, like her mom, and she's got a lot on her mind about the upcoming exam that will determine whether or not she's allowed to select that as her career path yet. As she's going through her day, some unexpected bad news rattles her to the core and leaves her feeling lost and bewildered. Even with the support from her friends, family, and community she's not sure what to do but keep moving forward.