Prologue - Page 008


This is a comic page with 4 panels. 

Panel 1 reads: "Winter got the biggest kick out of my distaste
whenever I was assigned to the waste department."
Kelsie is shown walking across a clover yard in front of some 
of her neighbors' houses. She's waving at and greeting one 
neighbor who is shown watering his garden. 
In the background, a dog is barking from inside a nearby
There is a variety of kinds of vegetation, including the same
bushes with yellow flowers from the previous page, bushes with 
red berries on them, some off-white mushrooms growing near a 
tree, as well as several kinds of flowers around. 

Panel 2 reads: "Even though she knew it was mostly just that
the unpleasant smells of waste mixing with the chemical odors
of sanitation made me feel sick.
Hence, why I needed the nose plug."
Kelsie is walking beside a road, past a public phone that's 
in front of a row of evergreen trees. Beyond this, a tan 
building is peeking out. 
In front of Kelsie is a brick building with a small yellow 
awning over a cobalt-blue door. Above the awning is a large 
sign that reads "Supply Closet 6."

Panel 3:
Kelsie is shown opening the cobalt door to the supply closet,
and the outside is visible behind her. She's underneath the 
yellow awning, and you can see the road, trees, and sky 
behind her.

Panel 4 reads: "The supply closet held all kinds of tools and
useful things in it, freely dispensed to anybody who needed to
use anything."
Kelsie is shown walking into the supply closet. Crowning the 
top of the room is a row of cabinets full of different kinds of
tools, gadgets, and useful items. Hanging on a movable arm is 
a computer screen, which is playing a message of a voice saying
"Welcome to The Supply Closet. Please tap or speak to begin."
Below the screen there is a set of drawers with a scanner and 
a Comms unit docking station. 
There is a first aid kit on the wall above an electrical outlet,
and there's another set of drawers against the other wall. 
Examples of the items shown in the cabinets include a hard hat, 
step ladder, plyers, electrical cords, hammers, scissors, 
power tools, nose and ear plugs, and several more items.