This website is the home for a multimedia project revolving around the comic Let's Move Forward created and maintained by AniMerrill Productions. We are striving to create more than just another webcomic with some supplementary flavor material though, we wish to create a publically free intellectual property which is not only free to consume but free for use in derivative works. See our license page for more details on that aspect of the project.

Let's Move Forward is a project that is aimed to inspire new ways of thinking about the world and society as we know it. There are political themes throughout the comic that are explored in greater detail in the Infopedia articles put out. The comic doesn't delve deeply into the politics of the world; that's left to be described in the articles, which are written from an in-world perspective. They're intended as a resource that would have relevant information to a person living in the world depicted in the comic.

The comic itself is centered around the life of a young woman named Kelsie, an aspiring researcher in the year 2455. She finds herself facing turmoil when she loses a close family member and has her life plans delayed unexpectedly. Kelsie must rely on her friends, family, and community as she faces the difficulties that come her way. To learn more about Kelsie and the world she lives in, you can start reading the comic here.

Let's Move Forward is created and written by Ashlyn Adami with art and designs by AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill. For a full list of contributors, click here. For detailed information about what was contributed, see the index for each chapter.

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