Prologue - Page 012


This is a comic page with 4 panels. 

Panel 1: This panel shows Kelsie pulling on a dark red 
coat over top of her normal outfit. She has a noseplug on
her nose. Behind her is an open locker with her small 
purse and her comms device. 

Panel 2:
"Waste management uniform" is written across the top.
The panel shows a person in said uniform. From top to bottom,
the diagram depicts a gas mask- to help with odors (but isn't
very good), then a lab coat, rubber apron, and rubber gloves.
At the bottom of the panel is a text box with a caution 
symbol that says "Requires closed toe footwear" next to
images of a shoe and a boot. 

Panel 3 reads "During my shift, I noticed one of the ladies- 
Anita- wasn't there. I made a mental note to ask the others
if she was okay."
Kelsie is shown walking through a doorway, with a sign on the
wall next to it that says "Plant floor- workers must wear 
protective equipment! - Sanitation Union"

Panel 4 reads: Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance." over
a black background.