Prologue - Page 004


This is a comic page with 3 panels. 

		Panel 1 reads: "Winter already passed her exam last year,
		so now she was on the path to her dream job: becoming a Social 
		After a secondary education course designed to train for
		the position, she could take another exam to get certified.
		She would finally be a real Social Worker for the 
		In this panel, Winter is shown wearing same type of outfit as 
		Kelsie (a grey top and khaki shorts). Over her top is the
		emblematic uniform of the Social Workers Union, the yellow
		reflector vest. She's standing in a power-pose and written in 
		front of her is "Winter Zipp."

		Panel 2:
		In this panel, winter is shown taking a seat next to Kelsie 
		with her mug of coffee. As she does, she says "Nah, I 
		was just talking to some Social Workers in other communities 
		I wanted to get a little bit of insight about how the
		position varies from one community to another,
		It doesn't seem like they're all that different."
		Kelsie is still has her seat angled toward Winter so they 
		can converse. Some of the toast on her plate has been eaten.

		Panel 3:
		this panel shows a close zoom on Winter, who is saying
		"Which I guess is good for me...
		If I end up moving away, at least it won't be hard to
		find a job like I have here."
		Her hair is curly and untamed, her bathrobe slipping slightly 
		from her shoulder. The coffee pot behind her is nearly empty.