Prologue - Page 002


This is a comic page with 5 panels. 
	Panel 1 reads: "There were all kinds of positions I could have 
	chosen from, as many did. 
	Lots of people liked the stability of working in the same type of 
	position frequently,
	But I had chosen to work as a 'Flexible Position,' which essentially
	meant that management of our community found an empty position that 
	needed a worker for me each day."
	This panel depicts the flexible worker position as an intermediate 
	between other positions, including a farmer, constructor, inventory
	worker, and a waste management worker.      
	Panel 2: The young woman notices the incoming message and grabs 
	her comms device from the table.     
	Panel 3: This panel shows a close-up of the message on the phone. 
	Date: 2455.02.13,     Time: 06:39,     
	From: flexlaborunion@assoc03.fwd,
	To: kfairstone2435@assoc03.fwd,
	Subject: Labor Assignment 2455/02/13,
	"Location: Waste Management Plant 103, 
	Job: Waste Associate
	-sorry kels"  
	Panel 4: The young woman sets her phone back on the table next
	to her  coffee, wrinkles her nose, and says "Ugh..."
	Panel 5 reads: "However, I wasn't planning on staying a Flexible 
	Laborer for long, so I didn't mind all that much.
	I only had just over a month left until I could take my placement 
	The young woman stretches out, and behind her the shadow of a
	foot is visible in the hallway.