Prologue - Page 006


This is a comic page with 6 panels. 

Panel 1:
Kelsie is shown walking away from the dining room table she
was previously seated at. In one hand is her coffee mug, 
while the other hand is holding her plate with her napkin
laying across it. She is walking toward the kitchen. 
Winter is still sitting in her chair at the table, with her
coffee in her hand. She's saying "Where are you working at
today?" to Kelsie. 

Panel 2:
Kelsie is in the kitchen standing in front of a double-wide
kitchen sink, napkin in hand. She's placed her coffee mug 
beside on the counter beside the sink, and her plate was 
laid in the sink. Kelsie is sticking her tongue out and 
making a funny face in disgust as she replies "Waste... Do
you happen to have a noseplug handy?"
Behind her, Winter is shown making her way into the kitchen
while taking a sip of coffee. To Kelsie's right, on the
counter, the coffee carafe is nearly empty. 

Panel 3:
The kitchen is shown from the angle of where the coffee 
maker was shown to be. Kelsie is on the far right of the 
panel, walking towards the living room. She's pulling a
fingerless glove onto her right hand as she's looking back
toward Winter. Winter is shown standing in front of the 
entryway to the dining room. She's holding her coffee mug and
is shrugging her shoulders while she says "No, you'll have to
go to the supply closet for one."

Panel 4:
Kelsie is striding through the living room, around the
corner of a purple couch, and she's fastening a bright
green bandana around her head. "Thanks anyway~" she replies
to Winter. "I won't be back until later. I'm going to the 
Education Center to study after my shift."
Winter is following Kelsie from the entryway of the 
kitchen into the living room. 

Panel 5:
Winter is standing behind the corner of the couch and 
resting one hand on it as she exclaims "Have a good *shit*
shift!!" and then bursts into laughter. 
Kelsie is at the front door to the house. She's pushing
the door open and winking as she responds "Ha, ha, ha, 
very funny. Later, Winter-bean."

Panel 6:
Vertical text that says "SHUT!!!" to represent the closing
of the front door behind Kelsie as she leaves.