Prologue - Page 011


This is a comic page with 4 panels.

Panel 1 reads: "No matter how unfortunate the smells of the department were,
I still loved the ladies who worked there."
This panel shows the tram stopped in front of a building that is labelled as
"Waste Management Plant 103." Kelsie is walking from the tram towards the
building's doorway. In the background a trash truck is parked by the building.

Panel 2 reads: "Of course, people of all genders worked here."
Kelsie is shown walking in the building, in front of a tiled wall with a 
bulletin board on it. There are a few other workers around, wearing a waste
management uniform.

Panel 3 reads: "But there was a group of six ladies who were at least in 
their sixties who trained everyone new to waste management- usually recent 
high school graduates going through their labor rotation."
In this panel, Kelsie is looking over her shoulder in response to someone
outside of the panel calling "Kels! Kelsie!"

Panel 4 reads: "The waste management plant had been my very first job on my
labor rotation, and I was so nervous the first time... It didn't matter at all
though, because their warm and grandmotherly energy made me feel at ease
when they showed me around."
This panel shows the group of older ladies that work in the waste management
department. From the left, the first is a lady labelled as "Miriam" sitting in
a wheelchair, then "Vera," then "Ruth," then "Esther," and "Dorothea." Esther
has a bionic left arm. Last is a blank sillhouette of a person labelled as "Anita."