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Let's Move Forward is a comic that takes place in the year 2455 somewhere in what is current day Oregon. The story is focused on a young woman named Kelsie Fairstone who is trying to find her place in her community. She's driven and has goals, but she's not always sure how to achieve them. What she is confident about is having her friends, family, and community to support her as she's figuring things out.

Read on to discover more about Kelsie's journey and the brave new world that she lives in.

In addition to comic pages released on Thursdays, we will also be releasing supplementary material in the form of our "Infopedia" articles on Mondays. These articles are designed to provide clear, additional information about topics discussed in the comic (from an in-universe perspective for the most part). While the topics discussed are not directly related to current day political discussions, many of the topics in the comic have political themes that many readers may want to read more about.

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