Prologue - Page 003


This is a comic page with 6 panels. 
		Panel 1 reads:
		"Everyone took the exam, but it wasn't equally 
		important to everyone's profession.
		The exam was designed to help identify every individual's strong 
		points and, if I scored high enough on it, the path would be 
		opened to  professions that require higher education:
		Doctors, researchers, mental health professionals, social 
		workers, and many others."
		This panel depicts the young woman, Kelsie, approaching an exam, 
		which is the key to accessing certain professions that are locked 
		off, including "Higher Education" (symbolized by a school with 
		a graduation cap) and "Specialized Trade" (symbolized by a test 
		tube and a bright yellow social worker's vest).

		Panel 2: 
		This panel shows Kelsie looking over her shoulder
		and smiling as she says "Oh! G'morning, Winter!"
		Another young woman is shown entering the room sporting a yellow 
		bathrobe and bleary eyes.

		Panel 3:
		The second young woman, Winter, is shown from Kelsie's 
		perspective. One of her eyes is closed, and she's saying 
		something unintelligible. "Z-Z-Z" is shown above her head.

		Panel 4:
		Winter is shown to have walked through the dining room, behind 
		where Kelsie is seated. Her arms are outstretched toward the 
		kitchen, and she says "" Behind her, Kelsie 

		Panel 5: 
		Kelsie has turned her seat to face Winter and is holding her 
		coffee. She says "What were you up to last night? Working on 
		your studies again?" Winter is standing in front of her kitchen 
		sink, pouring coffee from the coffee pot into a bright yellow 

		Panel 6:
		Winter is shown taking a long sip from her mug before responding,
		"No, not last night...."
		In this panel, she's leaning 
		against the counter on which the coffee maker and a toaster sit.