Currently, this website captures no user data of any kind and gathers no cookies that could identify one user from another. The reason you didn't see an annoying pop-up on this website begging you to accept cookies is because we respect your privacy, your bandwidth, and your experience while using this site. We are vehemently against the privacy violations carried out by modern service providers, and we invite any user to view our GPL licensed website source code for any security or privacy risks and to otherwise review our work for places where we might be lacking in our implementation of this service.

This privacy policy page is here as a formality and as a reassurance to our viewers that we are conscious about privacy concerns. In the future, we are definitely hoping to add some sort of comments system or forums or some way to enable socialization between viewers (and us too!) and this will definitely require the collection of some user data. If and when this becomes a possibility, we will update this page and try to send out updates on our social media platforms (including RSS) to inform viewers of what specific data we need to collect upon user registration and how it is used/stored.