Infopedia is a project designed to provide general information about the Forwardist confederation. While the "internet" as it was known in the 21st century is dead and gone, the confederation has begun to get internet servers functioning across much of the continent again. This project was started to remedy the lack of consolidated information about the Forwardist movement, its history, and its purpose. Some of the information collected in these articles is common knowledge across the confederation. Other articles will have more niche information about specifics within the confederation. All of it is intended to provide access to information about the confederation we unionize under to all.

This is a new project, started in 2455. The author is a social work student named Ivan (hello!). Studying for the social worker's certification exam takes up most of my time, but this is an important project that I wanted to get a start on as soon as I could. With my busy schedule, I'll do my best to get out articles relatively frequently (probably around once a week or so). Working on this time scale means that I may miss some details, so feel free to let me know if I've made any mistakes.

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