Prologue - Page 009


This is a comic page with 6 panels. 

Panel 1:
Kelsie is approaching the computer monitor with her comms 
device in hand. The door to the supply closet is closed 
and the cabinets in the room are visible in the background.

Panel 2:
This panel is a close-up view showing Kelsie looking at
the computer monitor. The top of the screen has a banner
that reads "forward supply union Vend-O-matic. Below is
an icon of a hand lowering a comms device onto a plastic
dock with the text "Please place communicator in dock!"
To the right of this are several icons in a vertical 
toolbar; the top is a question mark, the middle shows
a symbol to switch languages, and the bottom is a 
gear to indicate settings.

Panel 3:
Kelsie's hand is shown settling her comms device into
the dock with a click. The computer monitor chimes 
"Ding Dong!" from outside the panel from above. 
The screen on the comms device shows the a symbol
to indicate that the docking process is occurring
with a loading bar below (currently filled to 
around 70%).

Panel 4:
From the side, Kelsie is shown grabbing ahold of the 
monitor and pulling it towards her, and the hinge on
the moving arm creeks as it moves. With her other 
hand, Kelsie is preparing to press something on the

Panel 5:
This panel is a close-up on the computer monitor's 
screen, which is currently displaying a search 
menu. Kelsie is pressing the letter "s" on the 
virtual keyboard at the bottom of the monitor's
touchscreen. At the top of the screen a search bar 
is displayed with the letters "NOS" currently typed
in. To the right are icons of a magnifying glass
(to enter a search) and an "x" to cancel the search.
Between the search bar and the keyboard is a list of
search results, showing an icon beside the text label
for each item. The top result is "Nose Plugs", followed
by "Notebook" and "Notepad". For each result there is a
button to "Vend" on the right side of the screen. 

Panel 6:
Kelsie is shown pressing on the "Vend" button.