Prologue - Page 007


This is a comic page with one panel. 

Kelsie is walking away from a light-orange house with
bright yellow trim. She's shown saying "heh" to
herself and holding her hand up to shield her eyes 
from the sunlight. 
The house has a butter-yellow door
with a sign hanging on it that reads "K & W." In front
of the door is a small concrete porch that leads into 
the sidewalk that Kelsie is walking on. On both sides of 
the sidewalk are deep green bushes with clusters of small
yellow flowers spotting them. 
On the second story of the house (and other houses in
the background) there are solar panels affixed to the 
outer wall. 
The lawn surrounding Kelsie's home is made up of clover.
Most of the ground is carpeted in a light green layer of 
clover, with occasional clover flowers on it. There's a
deciduous tree on the lawn surrounded by clover flowers
and a taller violet-colored flower called a hyacinth. 

Behind this is a street with two lanes on either side of 
a tram-track. 
On the other side of the street are more houses in a 
variety of colors. A purple house is shown directly
behind Kelsie's house. On top of this house is a layer of
greenery (beside a wall of solar panels). 
There are several forms of vegatation on the lawns of this
house and those surrounding it, including more flowered
bushes, a garden plot of a viney plant (possibly melons),
and a patch of sunflowers. There is a concrete porch behind
the sunflowers that has a patio chair and table with 
a bright yellow umbrella.