Prologue - Page 005


This is a comic page with 5 panels. 

Panel 1:
This panel shows Kelsie leaning in towards Winter and grinning
as she says "Except you're not allowed to leave unless you
take me with you!!"
Winter is also leaning in and smiling.

Panel 2 reads:
"We had always joked like this, ever since Winter moved 
here when she was young...."
Winter and Kelsie are both shown laughing hard at Kelsie's remark.

Panel 3 reads:
"I knew she missed her home on the coast, missed the ocean,
but she'd also found a lot to love about our community and wasn't
planning to leave anytime soon.
After all, everyone in her family was here and her old home
too ravaged by storms to realistically rebuild."
This panel shows a coastline and depicts the paths of two
hurricanes that both hit the same patch of land along the coast.

Panel 4: 
Winter is shown with her hand on her chest, and she's saying
"Well, Kels, I promise to drag you with me whenever I find
somewhere to settle down...."

Panel 5:
Kelsie is shown giving a thumbs up while she's crunching on her