Prologue - Page 010


This is a comic page with 6 panels.

Panel 1:
Kelsie is shown still standing in front of the computer
monitor while looking over to her left, where her 
noseplugs are being dispensed. There is rattling as the
item is dropped down the chute connecting from the 
cabinets crowning the room down to a vending unit. 
The vending unit is an enclosed shelf that the dispensed
items fall down into. The front of the vending unit is 
covered by a door with a handle on the front for one to 
grab and lift it. 

Panel 2:
This panel is a close-up showing Kelsie's hand (in her 
fingerless gloves) lifting the door by the handle to 
reveal several noseplugs in a variety of colors. 

Panel 3:
Kelsie has one eye closed in a wink as she collects the 
noseplugs to put into a small purple purse with a golden
metal clasp with a few other small items in it. 
Behind her, the comms device is shown, still resting in
the dock, beeping while flashing a notice to remind the
user to unplug it. Meanwhile, the computer monitor is 
playing a verbal message that says "Please remember to
recycle! Thank you!"

Panel 4 reads: "It was odd for the waste department to
need help, maybe someone was sick" at the top of the 
panel. Below, Kelsie is shown exiting from the supply
closet and crossing the street to the tram stop where
the tram is stopped. Kelsie exclaims something to let
them know she plans on boarding. There are a few people
standing at the tram stop, where they're waiting to enter,
leaving the tram, or they're a social worker greeting and
aiding citizens getting on and off the tram. 
The outside of the tram is colored Forwardist colors,
bright yellow and neon green. 
In the background of the panel, the road leading to the
tram stop and beyond has a person driving up on a moped.
Behind them, the road forks off in two directions to 
allow easy circumnavigation through the community. 
There are some buildings in the background, buffered by 
dominantly-coniferous forest on both sides of the road,
with more forest beyond the buildings in the background.
The sun is rising behind it all, painting the sky with 
rich, vibrant colors like orange, magenta, and purple.

Panel 5:
Kelsie is approaching the door to enter the tram, where
she's greeted by a social worker (wearing the traditional
social-worker vest, colored yellow after the logo of the
social worker's union. Beneath the vest the social worker
is wearing a brightly-colored ensemble with a range of 
violets and cyans, including a purple hat with a symbol
of the tram on it.
Another person is walking onto the tram with his hand on
the tram entryway's support railing.
Kelsie is shown stretching her arm across her chest,
and the purse Kelsie was shown holding before is now tucked
away in her back pocket. 

Panel 6:
This panel is zoomed out to show the tram as it makes its
way down a track, through a switch-point where tracks 
leading off in three different directions come together.
At the center is a station with large arrows that
illuminate according to which direction the tracks are 
switched to; the tram is currently on the tracks leading
to the right, as indicated by the central station.
The tram, now fully visible from a side-angle, has windows
lining it, with doors at both the front and the back of it.
On the side of the tram, a bicycle is hooked onto a bike-
mount where citizens who want to bring a bike along on their
tram ride can store it. 
In the background, the buildings previously shown in the 
far distance are now close up. One is a photo-electric
plant with solar panels on top of it, lined up to face the
sun. Beside this building is a building housing a nuclear 
power generation facility.