Prologue - Page 001


This is a comic page with 3 panels. 
	Panel 1 reads: "The day that my life changed forever started like 
	any other...
	A young red-haired woman laying on her bed is awoken by the alarm on 
	her comms device.      
	Panel 2 reads: "2455, February, 13"
	Unevenly-toasted toast is popping out of a toaster.  
	Panel 3 reads: "I had graduated only about a month and a half ago 
	from the mandatory Community Labor Rotation everyone went through 
	after high school... 
	...Which meant I was now working in a standard labor position, just 
	like the rest of the adults in the confederation."
	The red-haired woman is sitting at her dining room table, drinking 
	from a mug. On the table in front of her there is a plate holding 
	peanut  butter toast with a drizzle of honey, and her comms device 
	shows an incoming message.